Healthy Living Pharmacies Prevention is Better than Cure

Spread you message throughout the local community by displaying Health & Wellbeing messages on Pharmacy Bags, Counter Bags and Sandwich Bags..

Pharmacy bags are a proven media for displaying health messages from PCTs and Healthy living pharmacies.

What We Do Best

We Supply Pharmacy bags throughout the UK to Pharmacies, Ad Agencies, PCTs and many other companies. Offering a service unrivalled in this marketplace.

Due to the new Healthy Living Pharmacy projects we have set up a part of our team to specifically deal with this new sub divide.

We will offer support to the inhouse pharmacists... We can arrange everything you need from on site and take all the worries of your hands.

Our New Distribution service will make your campaigns easier than ever.

All you have to do is supply us with your list of pharmacies and we will handle the rest.


We are your one stop shop for all your Pharmacies Packaging, Print and Distribution Needs.



We will also take care of all of your design work, and help you with the strategic elements of your campaign.



We Offer Free Samples and Free Mock Designs, So feel free to send us your Company/Brand or Campaign Artwork, and we will create bag designs to fit within your campaign.